Castelló d'Empúries

Once known as Villa Castilione, this town was the capital of the county of Empúries for more than 4 centuries. Amongst other reasons, it was chosen largely because of its strategic position. You can find out about its splendid past by following the small streets and immersing yourself in the Middle Ages.

The Santa Maria basílica and its museum should not be missed as well as the Ecomuseum-Farinera and the Curia-Presó museum.

Distance 9,6km

Salvador Dalí House Museum

Located in the Bay of Portlligat, this casa museu, or house museum, is a collection of fishing shacks joined together like a labyrinth that the local artist Dalí converted into his living space for long periods of time. You can visit the studio, the library, the rooms he lived in, the garden, etc.

Distance 27,30km

Sant Martí d'Empurias

Today it is completely restored and forms a quite remarkable medieval village and despite being small, visitors will find a number of well-appointed restaurants.

Here the first Greek colony was established and would later move down to the sea to form L’Escala. It was the capital of the county of Empúries until the Norman invasions in the 9th century.

Distance 18,10km

Vilabertran monastery

The Abbey of Santa Maria de Vilabertran is undoubtedly one of the best preserved examples in Catalonia of architecture linked to regular medieval canons.

Distance 3,0km


In the Old Town, sections of the ancient wall can be seen with especially well preserved gateways on the raised mound standing proud over the town and the castle. The Gothic fortified castle, Castell de Peralada, has been the subject of a series of renovations over the years and is surrounded by spacious gardens that house the Peralada Casino.

The town of Peralada largely revolves around wine culture, but this medieval village also offers many other cultural and leisure activities such as golf, a wine spa, tourism, etc. without forgetting the Festival that fills the Castle gardens every year with theatre, music and dance. 

Distance 6,6km
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